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Hawker Sea Fury FB MK.11

Weight: Empty 9,240 lbs. 

Max Takeoff: 12,500 lbs. 

Wing Span: 38ft. 4.75in. 

Length: 34ft. 8in. 

Height: 15ft. 10.5in. 

Max. Perf. Speed: 435 mph 

Ceiling: 34,300 ft. 

Range: 680 miles 

H.P: 2700 - 3000 (R3350)

Sawbones Team

Owner/Pilot: Robin Crandall

Race Pilot: Curt Brown

Chief Mechanic: Rick Ranheim

Crew:   Merlin Bertilson

              Mike Dudinyak

              Jerry Fleishhacker

              Ed Ryan

              Wayne Wood 

Transportation: Tony Wolters

Marketing: Jan Reyers 

Merchandise: Sue Lymburn

Historian: Tom Lymburn

2018 Sponsors

Building Restoration Corporation

Thomson Reuters

3M Company

Avant Wireless

Dei Fratelli


Hangar 49

Pink Wealth Management Group

Precision Lens/Precision Eye Services

R,C, Avionics


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