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“The Sawbones race crew will make you feel like part of their team.  There is no other place where you can rub shoulders with an astronaut, a surgeon, and a 1949 Sea Fury.  Thank you to the Sawbones team, the sponsors who help make this possible, and to those who continue to support Reno Air Racing.”         
Eric Casterline, President – HEATCON Composite Systems

"Being invited to the Reno Airshow as guests of 3M and the Sawbones racing team was an incredible experience. Here at Pacific Coast Composites, we are composites distributors and we rarely get to see the fun side of aviation, this was definitely a fun experience. The Sawbones team was very warm and welcoming. Despite the fact that they were busy racing an airplane, they were extremely hospitable and friendly, treating us like VIP’s. Each member of the Sawbones team took the time to answer our questions and even let us take pictures with the plane. The entire experience was unforgettable- the warm weather, the exciting races, getting a chance to “hang” with the team!  if we have the opportunity to be a part of the Sawbones experience again, we will jump at the chance."   
Kevin Fochtman, President - Pacific Coast Composites

"What an awesome experience!  Robin and Curt are phenomenal hosts who really know how to bring their guests into the excitement of a racing event."  
Steve Novakovich, CEO - Graco Supply Company

"The 2015 Reno National Championship Air Races was a spectacular event for us as a corporate sponsor. The access that we were granted to the Sawbones Racing Team and their pit area  was unprecedented. A terrific "up close and personal" experience with the live racing action.”
Chris Theobald, 3M Aerospace & Commercial Transportation Division




"How was your race?"
"Curt ran well."
"Great, good going," the hotel security guard commented.
"Say, if I might ask, what's with people dressed up like pirates?"
"Oh, that's for the annual Reno pirate crawl."
"Pirate crawl?"
"Yeah.  People dress up like pirates, get a cup, and go to select bars and get drinks at reduced prices."
"Really?" I replied doubtfully.
"See, Reno has to reinvent itself all the time, so this is one of the attactions."
    "Of course, some people literally crawl home in the morning."
"We also have a St. Patrick's Day crawl and a Santa crawl.  Hey, with that beard you'd fit right in."
    "I think not."
"Normally people are good, but I did have to call the cops once when an elf punched out Santa."
No question, Reno's a different world. 

It's been a great week of racing with no real drama except in the air.  Blue Thunder, a Sport class racer, qualified earlier this week at 397 mph.  It looks like a mini-Mustang, sounds like a Mustang, and is faster than some of the real Mustangs.  I learned from one o crew member that it's got more power in reserve.  And nitrous oxide!

Yesterday's Jet class was won by a WW2 design, a two seat
de Havilland Vampire, that topped out at a shade over 500 mph.  He came from back in the pack to win.  And yes, the crowd went wild.  As a side note, the Vampire has a wooden fuselage like its famous grandfather, the Mosquito.

The Unlimited race was won by Hoot Gibson in Strega.  The lead seesawed until near the end.  Curt and Sawbones finished 5th. 

    The crowd has increased - sales are excellent, some sizes, colors, land styles are already gone.  Bringing home empty bins is good.  Bringing home another trophy well be great!

T. Lymburn


We collected the Sentra at 0634 from the nose bleed section of the parking ramp.  Back out and enter a left spin, leveling out with a right turn onto the street.  A left turn on Virginia and we head north past ancient deserted motels, some boarded up, and a 1950's Goodyear dealer.  Across the bridge we go, up the hill through the sleeping college, past the sleeping dorms, watching out for joggers and the white sheriff's car.  After passing through the last, but one, stop light, it's up into the scrub with the railroad track snaking through the gulch.  Up to speed, merge with the northbound I-395 traffic, headed for Stead.

   At Lot 3 the orange vest with the straw hat waves us in, he knows me by now, and we park by the dusty U-Haul truck.  My Rockports have turned gray with gavel dust.  The security guard is a Sawbones fan.  He's wearing a Sawbones shirt.  "Ya run good, yesterday," he comments. 

    It's like setting up for a performance.  A play - a musical.  You build the set, block the scenes, rehearse the music and lines, get the costumes fitted, and begin the dress rehearsals.  The team as cast. 

It's Saturday.  The weekend means the real performances start.  All the actors are in place.  We can adjust as we go, ad libbing like jazz musicians.  Another variation on a familiar riff.  The audience has gathered, including Section 3, the pylon judges, old friends from Minnesota, and our sponsors. 

The stage is set.

T. Lymburn

1124 Friday

One of the coolest sights is the early morning take off of the Biplane class.  They claw their way into the air like a scene from an old black and white movie - remember Dawn Patrol or Wings?  You do remember black and white movies, don't you?  Or the Edsel or Studabaker?

The jets are flying now and Curt has finished conducting class with students from the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Curt is an Academy grad and each year a delegation comes to the races and stops at Sawbones' pit.  And it wasn't just the cadets who stopped to listen - he drew a crowd.  He's a natural teacher.

If you missed yesterday, you missed the Fury Heat with four Hawker Sea Furies, each with a different engine.  (Tony is singing right now, so it's hard to concentrate.)  Dreadnaught runs a P&W R-4360, Sawbones a Wright R-3350, 924 the original sleeve valve Bristol Centaurus, and Argonaut a P&W R-2800.  If you dig the music of round engines - that was a treat.  Sawbones finished second.  Today Curt is running in Gold with Rare Bear, Strega, Voodoo, and Dreadnaught.

You gotta check out our new pitot tube cover.  It stops people in their tracks.  Sometimes it seems like more people stop to take photos of the mini-tug and the pitot cover than the plane.  You'll have to check out Brent's photos to see what it is, but let's say this - it fits with Sawbones' logo.

Sales went very well yesterday.  Some of our new designs are going fast.  And once again, some people are buying the orange can covers for cellphone protectors!  We have regular customers who stop every year, some for replacement clothes they've worn out, some for our new designs, and others for kids' stuff that has gotten too small!

More of our special guests and sponsors have arrived.  Check out the list of sponsors on this site.  Thanks to all of them for helping make our trip to Reno possible.

T. Lymburn

1452 Thursday

Ah, the sun's out and there's no windchill.  Significant others, sponsors, and Fox Hollow denizens, including Chuck Cook, have been arriving. 

The Unlimited races have started with a Mustang heat with a
Yak-11 tagging along for good measure.  A look at the Yak's registration showed it to be N25YK, a bird once operated by Bob Pond's Planes of Fame-East at FCM.  I helped put it back together years ago after an engine swap with a DC-3.

I changed gears for part of the day and reverted to journalist/photographer for the Minnesota Flyer.  I've written for the Flyer for 14 years.  I had a good hike to the far end where the military display sits - a huge C-17A from Hawaii, a weathered
F-15 from Oregon, and Reaper with rockets under the wings.  Don't call it a drone, it's a remotely piloted system.  Drones are meant to be shot down.

I also connected with Jim Dale, once of FCM, who got me started with aircraft restoration and annual inspections 25 years ago.  He's flying a B-25 Mitchell in the show this week. At another stop, I talked to WWII figher ace Bud Anderson who flew a P-51 called "Old Crow."  I'd previously met him at Oshkosh.  A big part of Reno is the amazing number of aviation heroes you meet.

    The Rolls Royce Heritage display featured a Steaman Commercial that flew in the 2003 National Air Tour that was the brainchild of Greg Herrick and utilized the organizational talents of Craig Schiller, a Sawbones' crew member.  I refrained from drooling over two Stinson Gullwings and a pair of WACO biplanes, one of which was restored in Faribault, MN.  Another classic was a Mustang called "Berlin Express", complete with
D-Day invasion strips and white walled tires.  (Yes, white wall tires are correct for that aircraft.)

One of the more unusual contestants in the Jet Class is a
de Havilland Vampire trainer.  The Vampire first flew during WWII, but didn't enter service until after the war.  It's most unusual characteristic is the wooden fuselage pod, inherited from the famous Mosquito.

Gotta go, time for the Sea Fury (and one Mustang) race!

T. Lymburn

1101 Wednesday
Let the races begin!

Yesterday was mega windy - dust devils everywhere - on the course, in the hills, even making surprise appearances in the pits.  And it was cold, at least for the air races.  A nice comfortable 50 to start today.  Makes a Minnesotan feel right at home - if it was November.  Supposed to back to 90 for Sunday's races.

One of our Sawbones visitors yesterday was Reno airshow announcer Roy Hafeli.  Roy is a former member of  the RCMP and worked in radio.  Sue and I met him at Cafe Central earlier in the week.  Roy and I swapped airshow announcing stories for an hour.  He also bought a Sawbones tee shirt and a small shirt for his grandchild.  It was nice to add a face to a voice.

Curt qualified yesterday at a bit over 417 mph.  He described the course as very turbulent.  This morning he gave us a weather lesson pointing out the lenticular clouds that forecast potentially nasty winds aloft.

Talked earlier today with a retired USAF pilot who had flown the Lockheed U-2.  I've seen the Dragon Lady fly at airshows at Offutt AFB, at Oshkosh, and at Reno, but never had the opportunity to hear about the legendary recon plane from a pilot who flew them.  That's another of the joys of the air races.  It, like Oshkosh, draws from a wide variety of aviation experience.  A great classroom - history, tradition, and technology - hangar flying at its very best.

The race crowd has been driblbing in slowly this week.  Miki Matsuda, a Japanese artist and photographer, made his annual appearance at our pit, as did Bryan Greene and members of Section 3.  Minnesota might be the theater of seasons, but events like Reno and Oshkosh are a theater of nations.

 We did over $400 in sales yesterday, not bad for a non-racing day.  The new sweat shirts have been a hit.  It did take until today for Sue to get the sales permit - usually they're ready on Monday.

Today it's RACE ON for all but the Unlimited catagory.  So far, biplanes, sport class, T-6, and Formula 1 have run.  There's no mistaking the raspy sound of the T-6 class.  And some of the sport class - seriously fast.  It has the largest number of entrants.

Tony hasn't had any new motorcycle adventures today. Of course, the day is still young.

0920 Tuesday - Battle of Britain Day

We can see the mountains today.  The wind scoured out the smoke, at least for now.  We can actually see across the race course to the far pylons.  Nice.  Our Road Warrior, Tony, has returned.  According Eddie, it would make a good reality program!  Curt plans to qualify today.  Wait for updates.

Today is Battle of Britain day in the UK.  75 years ago RAF Fighter Command under the command of Hugh Dowding and WWI ace Keith Park, turned back the Luftwaffe, and protected Britain from invasion.  So, what's this got to do with air racing?  Now it's time for your history lesson.

1.  Everyone has heard of the Spitfire.  This famous fighter evolved from the design work of R.J. Mitchell who designed the two float seaplane racer, the Supermarine S6B, that was the FIRST plane to exceed 400 mph.  Yes, a seaplane.  That aircraft was powered by a Rolls Royce "R" V-12 racing engine that influenced the design of the famous Merlin that powers most of the Mustang racers today.  RACE ON!

2.  Between WWI and WWII, air mail, the early airlines, and air racing advanced aviation in the USA.  Improvements in aerodynamics, engines, structure, and - drum roll - fuels and lubricants made aircraft faster, safer, and more economical.
One of the most important innovations that affected air racing was the increase in octane rating of fuels.  A key to improved performance was the development of 100 octane fuel.  Now jump ahead to the summer of 1940 and the Battle of Britain.  RAF Fighter Command had a secret weopon that came from the "neutral" USA.  You guessed it.  100 octane fuel increased the top speed, service ceiling, and rate of climb for the Hurricanes and Spitfires that took on the Junkers, Dornier, and Heinkel bombers of the Luftwaffe.  Here's a secret - well, it was then - the Luftwaffe's Bf-109E's were fueled with 85/87 octane.  Advantage RAF.  And the innovation was from Air Racing.


0915 Monday.
Daylight in the Desert. Smoke from California wild fires hangs over the city of Reno and Stead airport. Preparations are underway all over the ramp, but where are the pink and blue port-potties in the pits near the T-6s?

Sue and I got in late on Saturday via Salt Lake City. On arrival in Reno, the flight attendant reminded passengers to be careful opening the overhead bins, as "Shift happens."

Sunday when I got up, the view out the hotel window was filled with 34 brightly colored (or coloured for the English) hot air balloons participating the the last day of the annual balloon festival. I watched as they landed in parking lots, people's yards, city streets, and, maybe it was an illusion, even the tops of buildings. Two yellow balloons were shaped like gold fish. Pity the poor drunk who woke up and saw those first thing.

The new top is up. It breathes. I'll let you figure that one out. Tony test drove the mini-tug and it needed the expert attention of an A&P. Our early guests and the just plain curious have stopped to photograph the little beast.

Our favorite ADI lady, Jan Fisher, has her nails done with racing aircraft again, including Sawbones. She even has a thumb nail for Section 3. Speaking of Section 3, Brian and Jack have already stopped, incognito, to scope out the Sawbones action. Even though we're not set up yet, people are eying the new mechandise Sue has in the plastic bins. Some have already picked out what they want to buy.

Linda, a former FCM air traffic controller, and her husband stopped. Just like home - or maybe, that's what it is for the week. Home. Only at Reno.






Today was a testament of teamwork! Sawbones tail wheel was not retracting, from 7am to 3pm crew worked on problem. With 55 minutes till next race and retraction problem fixed. ADI, Water, Fuel and assembly was all needed. It was a work of art how crew came together and plane was in the air within that window of time..  Sawbones / Curt had the fastest lap of the week under the pressure.   Pretty cool !

Frost warnings? Not in Reno. At 0600 it was 54, but by 1400, it was 90. Sue and I got to Sawbones' pit at 0630. We opened up and set up. Photographers, some with green MEDIA vests, all wearing their official numbers taped to their hats, arms, pant legs, back packs, and - yes, butts - angled for the best shots. The low morning sun and shadows add highlights to the sleeping airplanes. I got my start in airshows 40 years ago with my trusty Minolta. As we say, "Been there, done that." It's all about composition. Although sometimes it can be about being in the right place at the right time. This right place is Reno.
Sales have been brisk. Some designs are sold out. KC, the designer of our newest Sawbones shirt, stopped with his daughter. His Art Deco impressions of racing planes are superb. He really liked the shirt with his new design. KC is an amazingly creative artist.
Dale is here. He told us he was coming to Reno and he's here. Dale is one of our most important and loyal Sawbones supporters. Think truck - think and thank Dale. By: Tom L.

Contrasts abound. Patch Man and his little dog, a golf cart with a yellow kangaroo riding in the breeze, and Xavier, an old buddy from under the wing of the Stinson trimotor at Oshkosh, his first visit to the races, going to the infield and being stationed at a pylon. Everyone here speaks aviation. Ramp flying, hangar flying, call it what you want - the class 3 medical, 100LL's cost and replacement, the aging pilot population - all part of our day at Sawbones' trailer.
Robin and Jackie arrived yesterday. The first of our guests from 3M and Fox Hollow (Say Hi, Don) trade the trailer's shade for the "patio" on top when the races begin. Today we race in the Gold.
The crowd has increased - coming in waves between races and aerobatics. Some items are sold out already. Section 3 members buy orange Sawbones gear, EAA members stop to talk about AirVenture, and a large delegation from the Air Force Academy met with Curt. Australia, the UK, New Zealand, France - the world comes to Reno. Tom Lymburn

Sawbones took 1st place in the Unlimited Silver Heat 1
race, speed of 416.158 Mph Avg. Strega cut pylon 4 on lap 6 which added +12 sec. Total of 6 laps was flown. 1st place, Yes!
0800. The biplanes scramble and buck into the air, heading into the low harsh sun - like a scene from a black and white epic, say Howard Hughes' "Hell's Angels." You expect to see Errol Flynn or David Niven, or better yet, Jean Harlow appear. I watch as a red Pitts goes from second to pass a blue and yellow compatriot, climbing high and wide, and when by the rival, diving to convert altitude to speed to take first place.
Although the morning starts at 55, it's 90 by race time. Formula, Sport, T-6, Jet, and the Bronze run. All the while, Sawbones' crew, led by Crew Chief Doug Weske, works to ready the Sea Fury for the Silver heat - the last race of the day.
Race fans stop to buy, talk, and support us. Like an embassy in another country, Sawbones' pit is Minnesota away from home - host to guests, our generous sponsors, and race fans who tell us, "Man, are we glad you're back again." Tom Lymburn

Wednesday 9/10/2014
We're up at 0530. Out the window of our 22nd story hotel room I watch a FedEx Airbus take off from Reno-Tahoe Airport. The forest fire smoke has thinned and Sue and I head for the rental Kia for the drive to Stead - gotta set up early.
Pylon judges, those who hang out with the rattlesnakes, like to buy Sawbones gear before they drive to their posts. Previous customers return with "What's new this year?" Sales have been good. The new "spider" shirts with the KC design, are on the verge of selling out.
The low yellow sun glints off Sawbones. Open the trailer, start the generator, empty the trash cans, lug out the bins - another day at the races begins. Tom Lymburn

Curt & Doug successfully landed at Reno Stead airport in Nevada. Plane is running very well, and ready for another year of racing. Only stop the guys made was at Casper Wyoming for fuel and plane look over. Crew will follow within a few days to setup pit for 2014 Reno Air Races. Tony is still on the road with support trailer and truck. See pictures below.

2014 Photos added

Things are buzzing around the crew, getting ready for 2014 races.

Crew is ready for another year of racing. Preparation has began!

Reno update information

March 2014
Hello Racers! The Races Are On!!! Just an update from our last RARA meeting: -We’ve secured $650,000 in prize money and 80% commitment on another $100,000! -All prize money stays with the Unlimited. And we need 21 planes! -21st place will be $10,000 and will go up from there. -The % of T-Shirt sales will go away. -Golf Carts are still up in the air. -We’re called the Unlimiteds, no more Warbird Race Class title. We’re the fastest 21!!! Just like it used to be!!! So there’s the latest and greatest. Come on back and let’s go racing!




Sorry for the lack of informaion. This year internet conectivity was very poor. 2013 photos have been updated. Check out Sawbones facebook. More information on final race and getting home.


9/14 2:45 P.M. (PST)  Sawbones will be racing in the Gold!!!  We will be racing at 4:15:pm (PST).


 CLICK HERE to tune in and watch live online!


 9/13 at 2:30 P.T.  time.  Sawbons flew a great race!  We came in 1st place in the Silver (Strega was DQ'd).  We had an average lap speed of 426.049 mph.  This win grants us the option to move up into the Gold - we'll take it!  We'll be racing on Saturday in the Gold heat!  Check the Air Race website to watch it live and cheer us on!


 9/13 At 1:00 P.T time, Sawbones will race in silver heat 2B. Team is ready to go for the silver race! Miss America is our competitor. Go Curt!


Sorry for the lack of updates. It has been difficult in finding a internet connection. Hotel and Pits have very poor service.


All in all. Not much has happen since qualification. Team does know that Friday Sawbones is in the silver race and hold pole position.

Whole crew arrived Tuesday, and been busy setting up pits. Oil screens were pulled on Sawbones and inspected for any possible particles engine is making. All looks good.



Curt ran Sawbones around course yesterday 9/8 without any noted issues. The new spray bar system is working very good & In fact, to good. Need to experiment with closing cooling door.

The smoke as cleared out and visibility is looking great for the week. On the tech-no end of things, the live video feed is very cool along with remote control of video pan and tilt.


Today 9/9, Sawbones will be preparing for race fuel. 140 plus race gas is needed for higher RPM and ADI system. Spray bar systems will also be in focus as mentioned above.


They made it! Thank you Tony and Duane! That was not easy.


9/6 Support truck is almost to Stead Field. Guessing they will arrive around 7:00pm pacific time. Thanks to the efforts Tony and Duane put in from breaking down twice, and then having to switch out tractor (Truck). Wow!


 Curt, Doug and Plane made a successful trip to Stead Field, while  a little bit of trouble happened with support truck..... It died. Oh no! Not to worry, some how, some way it will get there. Photo are worth a thousand words. Rock on crew!


As of 6:00am Wednesday, Tony and Duane are on the road to Reno.

Tony sent picture below from South Dakota. More photos have been added.




Most of the packing is now complete. Support truck is scheduled to leave Wednesday morning. Plane will leave Wednesday or Thursday weather permitting.   Drop tanks are complete! Tanks have been painted to their new color scheme and fight testing is also complete. Plane is in top shape and ready for competition at Reno.     Trailer is still going under modifications thanks to BRC. Under belly storage is now being added. This will help tremendously in organizing  and ease of packing.   Support truck is back from shop. A few modifications were done to trailer ramp, and new set of stairs to side entrance of  trailer. Tractor was also looked over for the long haul ahead   Plane is under going improvements to spray bar (oil cooling systems) and fuel drop tanks that are being overhauled with fresh paint. See picture below  




2012 Infomation


Sawbones and Crew are officially home and unpacked. This year was full of adventure along with 4th place in Gold! Wow!

More photos, and hopefully video will be placed on site as the weeks continue. Check back every so often under Photos and Video. Thanks to all that followed Sawbones website. As Ed says " We Love Ya!" Also, THANK YOU to sponsors, crew, and especially Robin! Curt & Mary, the crew really enjoyed your company and piloting Sawbones 420+MPH.

 Good Job Team!


4th place 


Sawbones has taken 1st place in the 2012 Unlimited Silver Heat (3B Results) at a speed of 402.338!! Curt has move Sawbones into Sundays Gold race and the crew is very excited..... Celebration is on its way!  Today, Ed & Brent went out to pylon #4 for video and pictures. The visit to pylon was exhilarating! Planes are literally 60 to 100 feet away from ya & FAST!  Photos will be post later.


9/15 Finished 2nd in Silver heat 2b (speed 392.777). Sawbones is in pole position for Silver today. If sawbones takes silver today, Gold heats will be next. Nice flying Curt! Plane is clean and ready for todays races. There was an issue with oil cooling spray bar and pump system, but crew worked hard last night and fixed the problem in the pit. All is good now.


9/14 Sawbones finished 3rd in Silver heat 1a. Team is excited for 9/14 race! Plane is running very well...




Thank you to "Building Restoration Corp." for more modifications to support trailer. Come to the pits and see new photo decals covering entire trailer, along with other modifications. The new deck from last year is the best



A big thanks to Randy at Cirrus Aviation for sponsoring fuel.


Sawbones in 2011 qualified at
423mph on 9/13 and then took first in Silver. Again for another year!


Added Video and additional sponsor "Blaine Brothers" see below...



9/13 The crew is ready for the first race of the week for Silver.

Click here for list of pairings (planes in race) for today. Zoom in on picture to see it better.

Race is on around 4:30ish Nevada time! Yee Haw


9/12 Yesterday was a quite day for Sawbones. We still stand at 6th place in qualifying, with Miss America still needing to re-qualify. To see qualifications posted, click on the 2012 Unlimited logo to the left for all reports. Last night Ed, Wayne, and Merlin arrived to pits along with Sue and Tom setting up merchant shop. More photos have been posted. Check out Curt's photos taking off and landing. Good flying Curt!



9/11 Qualification is in. Curt qualified at 1:08.774 (min/sec) on lap 2 at a speed of 424.175 Mph. Sweet! There are still other planes that need to qualify. Right now we are in second place.

More photos have been added.


9/10 Tech inspection on plane is complete. Curt did not fly on 9/9, but is planning for a flight today.


 9/9/2012  Today Tech inspection to be completed in the am hours and Curt will possible run new course with Sawbones. Trailer is unpacked and pit is looking good!


Support trailer has arrived. Yea


2012 photos have been started, go to Photos tab.

Support trailer is still on the road.


 At 4:00 central time 4/6 Sawbones has landed at Reno..



Support truck is packed and ready to leave this Thursday morning along with Curt & Doug heading to the skies to Reno.



Registration for 2012 is complete. Sawbones is set for the Unlimited Class races. Curt Brown will pilot Sawbones

"race no. 71"


Crew has been very buzzy get plane ready. Plane is scheduled to leave Thursday morning to Reno. Curt and Doug will pilot Sawbones to Reno.



Website has been slow in keeping it updated as we all know. So on that note, this page will hold race statistics and look for new pictures posted under Photos tabs for 2012. Will try to keep it updated based on Wi-Fi access.


Crew is excited for 2012!

All crew members will be in pits by Tuesday getting ready for races.





Dan Vance "Sawbones Pilot for 2011 and Backup Pilot for 2012"

Started flying at 17- about the time Dad (Art Vance) flew our P-51 for the first time after a 6 year rebuild. Got hooked and soloed the mustang at 20 years old with 150 hours total time. Dad was a brave soul! Raced a P-51 in 1996 and have flown at the Reno Air races off and on ever since. I worked for September Pops race team flying 911, a Sea Fury Tmk-20 with R-3350. I have been lucky enough to fly Sea Fury's with original Centaurus engine, as well as R-3350, R-4360, and most recently the R-2800! I'm based in Santa Rosa, CA and we spend a lot of time working on the airplanes (P-51D, TF 51D, T-6, SNJ and Stearman) and we offer instruction in all of the above. See you in Reno!

Dan Vance



2011 information



Sunday morning the 18th, Pilot/Owner Robin Crandall, arrived home safely with the Hawker Sea Fury. The balance of the team returned home Monday evening and all on the team are safe. This year was a very sad ending to what began as an exciting week for everyone. The team was at its best and aircraft performed above expectations by winning 1st place in the Silver Heat on Thursday the 15th giving us the ability to race in the Gold Heat Friday afternoon. Sawbones was in the same race (in 6th position) were Jimmy Leeward’s Mustang veered off course and headed into the VIP area near the grandstands.


The Sawbones team
wants to express their sympathy to Jimmy Leeward, Family, Team & those within the crowd. We are so sorry for this tragic accident. We will always remember!


We are also sorry to our Friends & Fans,  that witness this accident as well.



 It is our hope that spite this tragedy, the NTSB, FAA and National Air Racing Association will allow this unique and exciting event return in 2012.


Registration is complete! Sawbones is set for the Unlimited Class. On Links tab, look at the list of pilots and planes registered for 2011. Dan Vance will pilot Sawbones

"race no. 71"

Sawbones is officially at Reno as of 9/9/2011.
Robin left Anoka around 10:00 this morning.

Support truck arrived as of 9/10/2011 evening.

 9/11 Curt Brown flew sawbones to qualify
as backup pilot. All is good!